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A Vegan family on the move

After living 8 years in the same house, it was time for a change!

Instead of moving into a bigger house, we sold everything we own in the quest for a more meaningful life, where less is more.

7 years – more than 77 countries!

Even though it is virtually impossible to create a 7 year long itinerary.. and even harder to stick to it, we have decided to share our plan with you, so that you may get an idea about where the road will take us.

Our itinerary

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy – Sep ’17 – Oct ’17

Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore – Nov ’17 – Apr ’18

Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos – May ’18 – Jul ’18

China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan – Aug ’18 – Nov ’18

Thailand, South Korea, Japan – Dec ’18 – Feb ’19

Philippines, Indonesia – Mar ’19 – May ’19

Australia and New Zealand – June ’19 – December ’20

Canada and the USA (Camper) – Jan ’20 – Jun ’20

Central America (6 countries) – Jul ’20 til Apr ’21

South America (13 countries)  – May ’21 til May ’22

Europe (35+ countries) (Camper) – Jun ’22 – Dec ’24


Because we love freedom. Freedom means nothing if you don’t practice it. We want to live special lifes, go special places and create special memories.

All while being together. A family united in quest for those special moments, which will later turn into those special memories that last a lifetime.

How can you afford to travel for 7 years?

We are not millionaires. Have never been and will never be. We do our best to travel cheap, find cheap accommodation, cook our own (vegan) food, and only to buy the things we truly need.

As long as we have an internet connection, Daddy will be able to work, managing our online store – playing the part as director, costumer support, accountant and marketeer.

What about your house and your car?

Well, to be honest neither fitted into our new backpacks, so we sold them :-). With nothing holding us back, the world feels more open than ever before :-).

But what about the kids?

We love our kids, and couldn’t imagine spending a day without them! Daddy is a former school teacher, so we started homeschooling our daughters a few years ago. Taking the step from homeschooling to unschooling/worldschooling has been a joy, and we all love the idea of discovering knowledge while travelling, instead of looking for it in a book :-).

While we travel, we try to meet up with other travelling families around the world, connecting through our facebook based networks “Worldschoolers” (35.000 members worldwide) and “Families on the move” another group of amazing families connecting online!

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